Arts and Crafts

We encourage freedom and creativity in our little ones! We want our kids to have fun, even if that means getting a little messy along the way.

Handprints, footprints and crafts

During crafts, children are not only enjoying themselves but they are also learning. We try to use different materials for each craft, allowing children to explore new textures. These activities allow children to practice counting and recognizing different colours. Children use their hands and fingers, and sometimes their feet, so things might get a little messy! We make sure to prepare crafts according to age, so all children get to have as much fun as possible.

Messy play

Who doesn’t love to make a mess? Our kids engage in several different messy activities using materials such as jelly, foam, sand, and a many others.


Cooking activities

A lot of parents brought to our attention that their little ones loves to help out in the kitchen, but it is not always possible for them to let them. At The Nursery School, we decided to introduce cooking activities where children can actually prepare different meals themselves (with a little help from our carers). During the activity, the children will learn what ingredients are used in the recipe, and how they can follow the steps to make their own treats, such as smoothies and tune bread rolls.